Gomesongs Side A

Terry Gomes

Independent release, 2007


REVIEW BY: Benjamin Ray


I’ll say this much: It’s hard not to like Terry Gomes.

He approached me twice about reviewing his CDs, once when Side A came out and again when Side A and Side B came out as a set. I took him up on the second offer, figuring two CDs is enough to really get to know the guy.

Gomes seems to love life. He’s sincere and easy to get along with, and that personality shines through in his music, which calls early Paul Simon to work (think “Kodachrome” era). Both discs by the Canadian singer/songwriter are well-produced and, like Gomes himself, are hard to dislike.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

This two-disc compilation encompasses a variety of styles that fit Gomes’ many influences. Originally, he wrote music for other people before recording on his own, which is why some of these songs are sung by female artists (local Canadian talent, according to Gomes’ Web site).

”Seafoam Green” sounds like a little campfire ditty and “Now Is The Time” is a blend of folk and Paul Simon, though I prefer the downbeat style of “Fine,” which brings to mind that other famous Canadian band, the Barenaked Ladies. “Room In My Heart” is another relationship song that people can relate to: “I gave my heart so easily / To anyone who noticed me.” The lyrics tend to be upbeat but focus on love, seizing the day or telling stories, as on “Leyanna.”

“My Own Little World” is a nagging ditty that will get stuck in your head, starting as a Pretenders-like piece but using minor chords in the leadup to the chorus that really make the song. The discs are full of minor moves like that, proof that Gomes cares about his craft. “Real Good Time” sounds almost like a parody of a Shania Twain song -- tongue is firmly in cheek here -- and “Teenager” is an interesting look back at an adolescence that never happened but is happening now. “Friends say I’ve changed, they aren’t impressed / I’ve lost touch so much, they think I’ve regressed.”

Gomes’ third CD coming out later this year should be good if it uses the best of what’s here. Side A is pleasant, varied and hard not to like. Sort of like Gomes himself.

Rating: B

User Rating: Not Yet Rated


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