Masha Qrella

More Music, 2012

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


You've probably never heard of Masha Qrella. Neither had I. Though she hasn't caused much of a stir on this side of the Atlantic yet, on her home continent, the Berlin songstress has been quietly picking up fans after releasing a trio of solo albums starting in 2002. Though her roots in full bands reside in post-rock sensibilities, when Qrella branched out on her own she took a more pop approach and ran it through a filter of indie rock and gentle folk music.

With Analogies, Qrella makes it known immediately she has a penchant for melodies. She layers guitars here, there, and everywhere, instantly drawing the listener in with laid back rhythms and stabs at electronica and hypnotic beats. She makes it seem so effortless, her songs resonating with a soothing, almost therapeutic haze that never sounds forced.

While much of indie rock has gotten too experimental for its own good lately, Qrella keeps things clean  and uncluttered. The electronic work is minimal; Analogies follows a more traditional indie pop flow. This isn't to say that Qrella isn't willing to shift gears. On “Take Your Time,” there's an underlying jazz feel with brass instruments. “Bluebottle” is an unpredictable track that twists and turns until it finds a solid groove to cultivate. The louder offerings, “One Step” and “Crooked Dreams,” point towards her previous full band work, and are a bit more forceful. The disc ends on the best tune here, “Fishing Buddies,” a playful, charming pop piece with clever instrumentation and wordplay that will make you miss lazy summers when you were infatuated with what's his or her name. If any song could make Qrella a household name, it's this one.

This is an album with so much timeless beauty. You can tell from her stories and delivery that she puts her heart and soul into her work. It's upbeat, simple in all the best ways, and full of positive vibes. This is the kind of listen where the first run through has your ears perked with intrigue, but by the fifth time around, you're completely hooked for life.

Rating: A

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