Side One Of Planted


Independent release, 2012

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Though Boston's Cowgill might be a new outfit (they've only existed since 2011), the indie folk meets experimental rock ensemble sound like seasoned vets on their debut effort, Side One Of Planted. Armed with trumpets, violins, pianos, trombones, and mandolins along with the standard guitars and drums, Cowgill offer a quick listen here of highly eclectic instrumentation and atypical song structures. It's the kind of disc that brings to mind the legends, but it still finds a niche all its own and never follows any predictable lines. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The disc opens with “Plans,” a song chock full of lush song craft. It starts with a calm piano melody and when the warm guitar kicks in, you're reminded of Wilco – definitely a great thing. Next comes “The King Of Whales,” an upbeat and rhythmic track with pop nods and Beatles-like undertones. “I Think I've Been Breathing” is the middle track and disc highlight, a fast moving tune with vibrant energy and the most rowdy avenues explored.  The mandolin and violin sound incredible in this song, and it very nearly finds its way into jam band territory. “Red Carpet” is the softest point of the disc with Paul Cowgill's quiet vocals, and it helps illustrate just how talented Cowgill is. Side One Of Planted ends with “Extra Gravity,” a playful indie rock tune with strong melodies and carefully calculated musicianship, providing a memorable way to end this accomplished listen.

While it may only contain five songs, this EP finds Cowgill making the most of every moment here. Each track is creative and intriguing in its own right, the kind of listen where each subsequent spin will reveal pieces you missed the previous time. I played this three times in a row and discovered new sounds and textures each time.

Following this fully DIY effort, Cowgill will return later this year with Side Two Of Planted, and if this side is any indication of what is to come, expect another batch of folk spirited indie rock with a large amount of imagination.

Rating: B

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