Gildas & Jerry: Kitsune Soleil Mix

Various Artists

Kitsune Records, 2012

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Undoubtedly the most prolific French label that exists today, Kitsune is constantly pumping out rising new bands as well as time-honored legends. This time, they are offering a collection of stand out tracks from their catalog as well as their friends at the Parisian label. Hand-picked and mixed by Kitsune CEO Gildas Loace and collaborator Jerry Bouthier, this is a heavily stacked listen of some of the best from across the Atlantic. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The twenty song collection leads off with “Running From” by Moonboots, an addictive dance floor pop tune with cute female vocals and a very '80s vibe.  About half of the songs here are remixes – Goldroom, JBAG, Attari, Tensnake, Cut Copy, A.N.D.Y, and several others turn in their own electronic remixes of classic songs. Perhaps the biggest name here, Trentmoller cuts a version of M83's “Midnight City” that is nothing short of stunning, though that is of little surprise considering Trentmoller's past work. The UK influence is evident, too, with both Citizens! and Adamski being remixed to solid results. Newcomers Moonlight Matters drops one of the highlights, a futuristic sounding reworking of Charlotte Gainsbourg's “Anna.” Though fans of the label will have heard much of the work here, there are several rare and exclusive songs, including the offerings from Rufus, Logo, Hey Today, Plastic Plates, and many others.

A compilation that lasts an hour, the tunes here span indie dance, eccentric pop, and relentless disco thumping, electro-funk and endless synth nods. The wide range of sounds here make this ideal not only for a steamy night out at the club, but calmer excursions like unwinding by a pool or enjoying a lethargic beach day. For the dance music enthusiast, this is the ultimate collection of the stars of the genre as well as the underdogs coming up through the ranks.

Rating: B

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