Three Mile Pilot

Temporary Residence LTD., 2012

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


San Diego’s Three Mile Pilot, an outfit that was around at the onset of alternative rock in the late '80/early '90s, spawned numerous global sensations (e.g. Pinback, The Black Heart Procession, The Album Leaf), and even sparked major label interest – a rare feat for a band with such a noisy rock template in the '90s. Though they took a ten year hiatus starting at the end of the '90s while members worked on other projects, in the last couple years, new recordings and touring has brought the band's name back into the spotlight with welcoming arms. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Maps continues their timeless mix of grit and sophistication, Three Mile Pilot is forever known for pairing their indie rock tendencies with the moodier sides of post-rock, all while injecting atypical and ambient textures. It's a concoction that ultimately has a '90s feel, though it's a lot more mature than your usual band destined for a video on 120 Minutes.

The lead off track, “Long Way Up,” is one of the best they've penned, a memorable pop song with an infectious chorus and playful rhythms. This opener has one wondering if Three Mile Pilot has moved toward more sunny avenues with their work, though that's quickly laid to rest with “Wires,” which brings their bleak and brooding sound back to form. At the mid-point, you get “This Escape,” a colossal song with a strong groove and strategically placed pianos. From here on out, the band gives us more of their exploratory signature sound, featuring plenty of intricate arrangements, vocal echoes, and ominous swells of pensiveness and emotive song craft.

If you missed this band the first time around, this is a great place to start when perusing their catalog. At just over 20 minutes, the number of different ideas, influences, and tones here is astonishing, Three Mile Pilot is coming back an even stronger and more memorable version of themselves.

Rating: A

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