Bored Nothing

Bored Nothing

Spunk/Cooperative Music, 2013

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Fergus Miller might just be Australia's answer to Conor Oberst. Much like Oberst's early days, Miller's music was recorded in a back to basics fashion while being alienated and then minimally circulated with great praise. Under his moniker Bored Nothing, Miller gathers up all the songs he's released in the last few years and adds five new ones for his first proper album.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

If anyone needed a map of how to properly execute a '90s indie rock album, Bored Nothing should be considered the ideal cartographer. Though he was a baby in the '90s, Miller takes greatly with both hands from some of the best influences from two decades ago, starting with “Shit For Brains,” which isn't nearly as brash as its title. It’s actually a textbook indie jangly indie tune where Miller's voice gets so close to being warbly, and it makes for a perfect introduction into Bored Nothing's world.

Generally quick and fuzzy, the primitive recording quality comes with a charming feeling, almost as if you're listening to a friend play you songs in his bedroom – which isn't too far off from how these songs were fleshed out. “Snacks” and “I Wish You Were Dead” are nothing short of lo-fi brilliance, and Miller shows an even softer side on the ballads “Charlie's Creek” and “Get Out Of Here,” both of which sound like lost Elliott Smith tunes, though if you're going to draw parallels to a songwriter, Smith is easily among the best. His shoegaze affinity comes through on “Popcorn,” which steers a swirling mix of rapid fire drumming and hypnotic guitar work.

Bored Nothing sounds like all your favorite records from way back when crammed into an extremely well executed album. Miller played all the instruments here, wrote all the songs and recorded it himself. That’s certainly no easy feat, especially for someone only 22 years old. Whatever this kid is looking for he's going to find it, because these 4 track recorded homemade songs are better written and played than most people who spend a small fortune trying to replicate credible indie rock sounds.

Rating: A

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