In And Out Of Weeks (EP)


Propeller Records, 2013

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Norway is quickly becoming the Brooklyn of Europe when it comes to young, interesting indie-rock sensations. Though Norwegians Highasakite already laid down a fantastic album in 2012 with All That Floats Will Rain, it unfortunately didn't see any formal release in the States. That has all changed with their recent EP my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 In And Out Of Weeks, which assembles some of the best moments from their LP for us Westerners.

The first thing you're likely to notice about Highasakite's formula is frontwoman Ingrid Havik's enthralling voice. It's distinct without being vexing and isn't hard to become infatuated with. This, along with the beaming synth, clever guitar work, frenetic drumming and soft-mixed-with-loud arrangements make for an EP that is both powerful and elegant, experimental and yet easily accessible to anyone's ears.

Opener “Son Of A Bitch” leads off with tribal percussion before charming guitars riffs meet Havik's soaring pipes. The middle tracks “Indian Summer” and “Winners Don't Come Easy” continue the cheerful song craft with folksy-pop melodies and infectious synth, both succeeding as glorious, sunny tunes. The final two tracks move toward a sadder atmosphere, “In And Out Of Weeks” being a moodier, busy offering while the closer “Whatever That Means” add male backing vocals and an almost futuristic feel on what is easily the darkest moment, approaching ballad territory as it fades out.

Lately it seems the availability and easy means to record music has resulted in too many albums that would be better off as EPs, if not singles. Highasakite are just the opposite; these 5 tracks leave you wanting more of their folk-rock meets indie-pop meets prog-rock that somehow fits a tuba and a flugabone into the mix. It’s surprising that their entire LP wasn't just reissued for a USA release, though I have to assume this bite-sized version was a way to test the waters of Highasakite on our side of the pond. The verdict? Passed with flying colors.

Rating: A-

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