Yip Deceiver

New West Records, 2013

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


We should all be aware by now that New West Records is the home for plenty of rustic, twangy albums, both old and new. What maybe isn't as widely known is that the label is also a place for sleek, energetic and stylish indie rock. Case in point: Athens, Georgia's Yip Deceiver, a duo composed by Davey Pierce and Nicholas Dobbratz, whose shared interest in R&B, analog synth and sugary sweet pop music became the impetus for my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Medallius.

“Presets” starts the disc off full throttle and warrants grabbing your dancing shoes and heading straight to the club with its infectious synth and thriving beats. “Get Strict” follows, and soon after is “World Class Pleasure,” both of which channel Yip Deceiver's inner funk sounds in an oddly alluring fashion. Late in the disc, “Tops Part II” gets near Motown feelings, but not before the '80s movie soundtrack vibe of “Lover” and “Go On,” which brings out a saxophone solo. But don't think the electronica angle is out of the equation: “Color Me In,” “2nd Son Of A 2nd Son” and “Theme” have all the hallmarks of great electronica – lots of weird noises and contagious energy.

Medallius is an extremely polished listen that brought much indie rock credibility to the affair, including Clayton Rychlik (Of Montreal), Simone Rubi (Rubies) and Zack Colwell (Chappo) to name a few. This self-produced debut is an obvious must listen for fans of LCD Soundsystem or Beck's Midnite Vultures. Unlike those albums, however, this was created in a makeshift home studio and transported back and forth to the mixer by bicycle. Though some of the avenues to get this done may have been primitive, this is analog dance rock at its finest, and the sounds that Yip Deceiver produces are contemporary, fun and impossible not to enjoy.

Rating: B+

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