One Day I'm Going To Soar


Slimstyle Records, 2013

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Like many comeback albums from old bands, the resurgence of Dexys Midnight Runners (now shortened to just 'Dexys') was born out of a successful tour, i.e the 2003 stint to promote their greatest hits disc, Let's Make This Precious. However, unlike many comeback releases, Kevin Rowland and his new version of Dexys weren't looking to merely cash in on their name and well-received tour. In fact, it took several years to finish this album as Rowland dissected every detail of the work until it sounded exactly as he pleased, regardless of any possible commercial success. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The lead-off track lets us know that Rowland is back in full form, with quiet keys before diving into rowdy horns and folk stomping that brings funk and soulful grooves to the party. This is followed by "Lost," which takes a similar sparse to loud approach, though it alternates several times between hushed singing and fuller strings and keys on what could only be described as a vocal performance by Rowland.

With two extremely well done songs right away, Dexy gets even more eclectic with the jazz lounge feel of "Me," the disco on "I'm Always Going To Love You," and the Bowie-esque vibe of "Nowhere Is Hom.e" A couple of strong tunes bring aboard female vocals, the funky "She's Got A Wiggle" and the playful duet "Incapable Of Love" with Madeleine Hyland. "It's O.K. John Joe" finishes the album with a piano led, soulful and gentle number that picks up into a fiery romp in the last minute – a colorful end to an equally colorful listen.

Though Rowland is pushing 60 now, he still writes with the same open diary effect of his youth, and although he does touch on social topics like race and monogamy, he spends a lot of time here wearing his heart on his sleeve about the dynamics of love. Similarly, he also writes with an energy and enthusiasm of someone a third of his age while still offering us a lot of grace and sophistication.

Nearly three decades in a long lapse between albums, and Rowland's history of perfection as well as not catering to the public's idea of what his music should sound like could have meant just about anything could happen on One Day I'm Going To Soar. In the past that has transformed into nearly career suicide. Here, we just get wonderful songs that should serve to jumpstart a career that still has much to offer.

Rating: B

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