Punch Punch Kick (EP)

Punch Punch Kick

Endeavour Records, 2014


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


This young Los Angeles band is doing things the way bands used to it, thankfully. After forming in 2012, the quartet assembled some songs, released a single, then released this debut EP. Too many bands today that formed two years ago already have an LP, a live album and a greatest hits collection coming soon. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The term power-pop has a varied meaning that to some equals Cheap Trick; to others, it could mean today's radio rock. In the case of Punch Punch Kick, these youngsters fuse the bouncy indie rock sounds of outfits like Surfer Blood with the guitar driven modern rock of, say, Fountains Of Wayne.

The five track EP leads with “What The Kids Don't Know,” which starts out like an early Weezer tune before the singing jumps in and it becomes more of an emo-rock affair that could be a lost track from Jimmy Eat World's first album. A strategically placed song, it's memorable and instantly makes the listener ready for more. “Seventeen” follows and might slow the pace, but the melodies are still maxed out, with a nice guitar solo for good measure.

Fans of pop-punk circa 2000-2002 will find plenty to enjoy here, especially the third tune “Not My Problem,” which sounds very suited for a Drive-Thru Records sampler alongside Newfound Glory and The Starting Line. Near the end of the EP, “Bad Dream” brings in crunchy alt-rock, and the driving, anthemic “Someone Else” closes the quick listen on a very high point.

It's pretty hard to make a sizable dent in today's rock scene. However, it seems Punch Punch Kick are on the right path to making a name for themselves with their precisely placed hooks, universally applicable wordplay and sing-a-long moments that are nearly contagious. Though they aren't doing anything new in the area of guitar focused power-pop, there is no way of denying that they are great at their craft.

Rating: B+

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