Please Be Honest

Guided By Voices

GBV Inc., 2016

REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


On the umpteenth album by GBV, Bob Pollard has returned with yet another new lineup. Joined by former drummer Kevin March, Bobby Bare Jr., and two new recruits, Pollard continues his reign of doing whatever the hell he wants. On these dozen plus tracks, the sound mostly stays the same as it always has on GBV records.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Kid On A Ladder” has a classic indie rock feel and would’ve been a huge track back in the ‘90s. “Come On Mr. Christian” is very laidback and has a riff to last for days. That ever present lo-fi sound is omnipresent on this disc, particularly on tracks like “The Caterpillar Workforce” and “Glittering Parliaments.” Ardent, longtime fans shouldn’t be worried; this isn’t another Do The Collapse, instead it’s another slice of what Pollard and his ever-evolving crew have been doing for 30 years now.

“Hotel X (Big Soap)” and “The Quickers Arrive” are two of the best tracks here and stylistically, they feel right at home with something GBV would’ve done back in their ‘90s heyday. It’s amazing to think after all these years that Pollard can still write such amazingly great songs and still does it all his way.

In the end, this record ends up being one of the coolest indie rock records of the year. According to the press release, Pollard recorded everything by himself, intending it to be a solo record. Yet to him, it sounded like a GBV record, so he decided to put the band back together once more. Knowing all that, the record still feels fresh and focused. Once the band gets back on the road and makes a true GBV ‘band’ record, one can only wonder how long the lineup will last. Until then, enjoy one of the more refreshing records in this band’s dynamic and awe-inspiring catalogue.

Rating: B

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