Peace, Love & Understanding


70x7 Records, 2016

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Zona is a Los Angeles band comprised of Dimitri Craven and Jerry Andrews. On this, their debut album, the pair aligns themselves with several musicians from the West Coast to birth songs in the vein of house, jazz, and disco. By utilizing many different genres and different vocalists on most songs, my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Peace, Love & Understanding maintains a laidback, relaxing vibe while also sounding very club friendly and eclectic.

Essentially an album with a number of singles that have already been enjoyed widely, it unfolds like a Best Of compilation despite being their debut release. Valerie Moise contributes her silky and strong pipes on songs like the chilling pop anthem “Time” and the soothing, dance floor ready “I Am Beautiful,” while The Roots member Chezere Brathwaite takes center stage on the lively and organ happy “Love To Love You.” The title track, which delivers a message that should be taken to heart by everyone in this time of global strife, is brought to us by Angela McGary and is delivered with a funky spirit.

Zona explores the avenue of gospel-influenced music here as well, especially on “Love Of My Life,” which is fueled by Wade Chandler, and “Jesus Is” by Chellena Black. Both of these, while still being danceable, present even more diversity from the two chief songwriters here.

All in all, Peace, Love & Understanding is a soulful, positive, and atmospheric glimpse into a band whose members and guests possess a wealth of talent. The positivity and love contained among these songs are likely to spill over into even the most cynical of people, and the constant driving and groovy beat could make even the most socially awkward person want to dance.

While the casual listener will most likely file this under dance music (and songs like Jackie Wilson's “Slave To The Rhythm” will certainly reinforce that), Dimitri Craven and Jerry Andrews are well versed in hooks and sounds that extend across all genres that embrace soulfulness as a quality.

Rating: B

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