Outside The Lines


Olex Music, 2016


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Telamor is Tom Hauck, a seasoned rock 'n' roller from Boston who plays all the instruments and sings here. Like many artists of this nature, Hauck is as familiar with the rock of years past as he is with today's pop, but he's more varied than you might think; Hauck embraces funk, retro-rock, and beat driven dance fun as well. Citing influences as wide as David Bowie, Nirvana, and Taylor Swift, my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Outside The Lines has plenty of the oddness of the former, as well as the mass appeal of the latter.

“Brave Heart” starts out snarky and funky, with Hauck's semi-snarled vocals set against distorted guitars and jumpy percussion. “Speed Queen” is a quirky rock song with minimal instrumentation and a throwback feel, and “Trippin'” finds a fun groove, while Hauck's range is explored with higher notes. “Flash” is more in tune with today's pop-rock, reminiscent of Weezer but with a '60s slant and plenty of fuzz, while “Ramona” is a lo-fi rocker with warm guitar solos. “Rock All Night” ends the album with a head boppin' and toe tappin' classic rock anthem.

“Great Balls Of Fire,” the song popularized by Jerry Lee Lewis, is note for note the same as the original but without keys and with crunchier guitars. Hauck sounds similar to Fred Schneider here, and other similarities he broaches include Devo and The Kinks, especially on “Fakin' It.” Telamor also covers Lil Wayne's “How To Love,” and while I've never heard the original, Hauck's version is a fun, garage rock tune with a catchy vocal melody and bouncing rhythm section.

Apparently, Telamor has had great previous success with his covers, and though the covers present here are certainly good, his original work is nothing to spit at either. Power pop, '80s rock, and modern day pop-rock are all present and accounted for. Though Hauck's voice may not be for everyone, his guitar-focused songs are definitely universal.

Rating: B

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