Curse Of Lono

Submarine Cat Records, 2017

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


If I were judging a band based on a name and album title, I would have been expecting something more akin to Tool than Paul Simon when listening to Curse Of Lono. On this debut album from former members of Hey Negrita, the London based outfit showcases a knack for folk, Americana, and some variation of goth rock, producing a varied and thriving first LP. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Five Miles” starts the listen off right with an acoustic strummer and soaring vocals, while a hint of hazy psych-rock simmers in the background. This is followed by the percussive “Pick Up The Pieces,” which builds into danceable, hand-clapping folk rock fun. Even though they immediately make a dent with their fuller songs, the sparse moments here are some of the best, such as the acoustic Americana of “Each Time You Hurt” and the campfire folk song “Just My Head.”

Other songs, like the dark, haunting, and organ friendly “London Rain,” steer into entirely different directions, while the anthemic arena rock of “Send For The Whisky” is a far cry from the back to basics approach of other selections.

The album’s back end shines with the key heavy balladry of “All I Got” and the somber, group effort of “Welcome Home.” “Don't Look Down” rounds out the disc with warm, introspective songwriting with timeless melody.

Despite covering topics like addiction, infidelity, friends dying, and sexual competition, the release is often an uplifting and fun listen. The songs reportedly were written over a 14-year period, which may account for the versatility here. The band made several live, intimate videos for these tunes that allow the listener to really embrace the musicianship that they have to offer. Though Curse Of Lono often makes nods to classic artists we all love, they're truly carving their own path with this impressive first trip to the plate.

Rating: B+

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