Die With Your Tongue Out


Blood & Ink Records, 2017


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


The first album from these Colorado Springs rockers doesn't disappoint, though if you heard their sharp EP Lull in 2015 you might have expected this. Now that they are aligned with Blood & Ink Records, a label known for charged, creative versions of post-hardcore, the level of skill they deliver here sounds very far from a debut LP. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

After the minute-long, tense opener of “Kiku,” the album's fierce nature become apparent with the loud, booming post-hardcore of “Spit.” With a mix of singing versus screaming and thick walls of calculated noise, it's a tune that goes straight for jugular. “Rainer” follows and is more mid-tempo with heavier, throaty moments supported by an overall fuzzier atmosphere, before moving into the multi-faceted “Nosebleed,” where calmer waters are explored into a unique, soothing version of post-hardcore.

Things get a tad for muscular in the middle with “Sign;” although it’s slower and almost sludgey, this track delivers  dense, thick sounds. Meanwhile, the monstrous thundering of “110” sits on the cusp of metal-core and most closely resembles Underoath but somehow remains one of the most melodic songs here. “Double-Edged,” on the other hand, is a crushing, powerful hardcore anthem.

The back end of the album is just as interesting, even though a bit more varied. “Sharp Elbows (PT. 2)” introduces quieter ebbs, and “Soot” is an entirely calm interlude, while “Heritage” builds into a roaring, metallic rocker.

It's hard not to think of bands like (late period) Brand New, Norma Jean, or Thrice when listening to this disc, which certainly isn't a bad thing. The energy, the rage, and the ever-changing dynamics are all present and part of what made the aforementioned bands so noted, and it's very likely Tigerwine will one day achieve the a similar level of influence. For fans of all things related to heavy music and especially those with tendencies that sit closer to metallic hardcore, Die With Your Tongue Out is a must.

Rating: B+

User Rating: Not Yet Rated



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