Electric Bhairavi

Bombay Rickey

Cowboys & Indian Records, 2018


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


While there is no shortage of unusual, genre defying bands out there, few are as unique and interesting as five-piece Bombay Rickey. On their sophomore album, the outfit utilizes the sounds of surf rock, spaghetti Western, Bollywood and cumbia, all with firm nods to the '60s. They also bring along accordions, saxophones, upright bass as well as the usual suspects to the party.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

And a party it is, right from the opening tune “Virgenes del Sol,” where an operatic approach is met with slinky guitar work, uproarious sitar and an overall playful atmosphere. “Frantic” follows and is just that with abrupt, shrieking vocals and soulful guitars that bleed into accordions. Next up, “Kohraa” features with gorgeous singing and mysterious instrumentation like that of a spy movie.

The middle of the album has more surprises and unpredictable sounds with the instrumental “Bhonkers,” which changes style completely at least three times in four minutes, and the romantic, chilling alto sax and surf guitars of “Megalodon” that ends up in a carnivalesque type of fury. Even more unclassifiable is sophisticated meet primal yelps of “Gopher,” where jazz fusion dominates the tune.

The last few tunes are fine examples of the skill involved. On “Sa-4-5,” we're treated to vocal acrobatics by Kamala Sankaram in multiple ranges, the six minutes of classic rock and jazz of “Meri Aakhon Mein Ek Sapna Hal,” and the breathy duet of “Cowboy & Indian,” which is the most tame and easiest to classify tune here. The album exits on the title track, bringing us seven minutes of psychedelic world sounds that really punctuates just how atypical the album is.

New York City might be considered the home of all things unconventional in music these days, and Bombay Rickey is certainly helping prove that point. Their cinematic take on '60s beach sounds versus opera are undoubtedly in a league all their own and simply must be heard for those who are adventurous.

Rating: B

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