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Thanks for your interest in submitting material to the Daily Vault. We appreciate your interest and are happy to consider your material for review. All we ask is that, before you submit material to us, you read the following guidelines:

The Daily Vault is an album review site. That means we review ALBUMS. Here are some things we do NOT review or otherwise care about:
  • Singles
  • Videos
  • News items about tour dates, lineup changes, etc.
  • Chart position
  • Demos
  • TV appearances
  • Movies that are not concert DVDs or profiles of musical artists

It's not that we aren't impressed about all those other things you're up to... it's just that album reviews are what the Daily Vault does. It's who we are.

As a result, e-mail inquiries regarding singles, demos, videos, live dates, awards, other people's reviews of your work, band news, etc., etc. will be summarily deleted. Thanks for your attention.

To submit an album for review via streaming or a download link, select a reviewer from our reviewers page and contact them directly by e-mail. Note that not all of our reviewers accept albums for review by download.

To submit a physical copy of an album for review, request our mailing address at editor@dailyvault.com.

We also strongly suggest you read The Ten Commandments Of Pitching The Daily Vault.


The Daily Vault was founded on January 13, 1997, by Chicago-area music fanatic Christopher Thelen (a.k.a. Bob Pierce). From the start, the Daily Vault has sought to serve the widest possible audience, reviewing music of all genres (from classical to death metal, from unknown indies to global superstars) and from all eras (new, old and in-between). Its eclectic mix of coverage, including CD reviews, concert reviews and artist interviews, has attracted music fans and writers of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world.

Chris ran the site as a solo operation for six years, until January 2003, when he elected to to hand over responsibility for day-to-day operations to a couple of longtime contributors. Today, The Daily Vault is managed by Editor Jason Warburg and includes a review panel featuring writers from all across the globe (current and former staff hail from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, India, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, the Philippines, South Korea, and half the states in the USA). All are welcome and, with any luck, all have a good time.

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The Daily Vault is one of the oldest and most well-established music review sites on the Web, receiving thousands of hits daily from discerning music fans all over the world who are interested in exploring our archive of 10,000-plus music reviews. For more information about our readership and advertising rates, please contact Jason Warburg at editor@dailyvault.com.


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