Liner Notes

15 Years And What Do You Get?

by David Bowling

15_200The Daily Vault is celebrating quite a milestone in its existence. Web sites come and go with a great deal of rapidity in this day and age but The Daily Vault has endured for 15 years. So, 15 years and what do you get?

15) 3,105,000 words in print. Let me say that this is a mathematical estimate, as I lost count at just over two million.

14) 350,000 minutes of music. This is another estimate. I got as far as the Lorne Greene album and couldn’t go any further.

13) Just over 7025 reviews. That is a lot of reviews, but I’m always amazed at what we have not covered. [Editor's note: It took us 14 years and 11 months to cover Chuck Berry. CHUCK FREAKING BERRY, the guy who popularized if not invented rock & roll. Yeah, there's still ground to cover.] Stay tuned!

12) Almost 6000 hours worth of music has been reviewed.

11) 2165 reviews by founder Chris Thelen.

10) It would take around 250 days, 24 hours a day, to actually listen to all the albums that have been reviewed.

9) Sean McCarthy’s Top 100 Of The 2000s.

8) Michael R. Smith’s Pop 100.

7) 83 writers who have contributed reviews.

6) 79 retrospectives that have explored the catalogues of everyone from Montrose to the Beach Boys to David Bowie.

5) Darren Paltrowitz’s 50 “Keeping Up” columns.

4) 31 Yes reviews by Jason Warburg. Seriously, you can check them out yourself.

3) Paul Hanson’s 30 reviews in 30 days.

2) The Daily Vault turned 10 years old, January 13, 2007.

1) One great idea by Chris Thelen 15 years ago.

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