The Top 14 of 2005-06

by Duke Egbert

As I've mentioned before, I was moving and getting settled for most of the early part of 2006. As such, I present the DV faithful with the Top 14 of 2005 and 2006:



14. Nickel Creek -- Why Should The Fire Die?

Newgrass wunderkinds Nickel Creek break out of their sophomore slump with a tight, powerful CD of brilliant music.


13. Blackmore's Night -- Winter Carols

I don't often put holiday music on this list, but I had to in this case. Candace Night has the most beautiful voice currently recording.


12. Il Divo -- Siempre

Yes, they're manufactured. Yes, they're still incredible. Powerful vocals and harmonies make this romantic album the Get Lucky CD of 2006.


11. America -- Here And Now

I haven't reviewed this one yet, but it's stayed in my CD drive at work since I opened it.


10. Culann's Hounds -- Year Of The Dog

Music to drink and dance by. San Francisco's Culann's Hounds puts out Irish music for the masses.


9. Sam Bush -- Laps In Seven

The master of the mandolin does it again. Be the first on your block to own a great CD with a song in 7/4 time.


8. Rig The Jig -- Finding The Gold

More good Irish music that's not sappy New Age crap. Between "Please Don't Bury Me" and "Supermarket Wine," this is great stuff.


7. Eleni Karaindrou -- Elegy For The Uprooting

Majestic, magical classical music, recorded live in Karaindrou's home town. Not to be missed.


6. Manhattan Transfer -- Symphony Sessions

One of the greatest harmony ensembles in history live with a symphony orchestra. What more can you ask for?


5. The Muckrakers -- Front Of The Parade

In a truly just world, they'd be famous. As it is, Louisville, Kentucky's The Muckrakers is the best straight-ahead rock band I've heard in a long time...


4. Carbon Leaf -- Love Loss Hope Repeat

...except for maybe these guys. Carbon Leaf comes back with a kick-ass follow-up to their incredible Indian Summer.


3. Kate Bush -- Aerial

More mature and wiser, the Princess of Faerie becomes the Queen on this breathtaking two-album set.


2. Phideaux --- The Great Leap

Indescribably brilliant. Help spread the gospel of Phideaux, brothers and sisters.


1. Soundtrack -- Spring Awakening

I listen to it daily. It haunts my dreams. Incredible -– and the CD of the Year.

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