ArtistAlbumReviewerReview Date
EntombedUprisingChristopher Thelen2000-12-06
Zyrah's OrangeBodyChristopher Thelen2000-12-06
Enuff Z'Nuff1985Christopher Thelen2000-12-08
VaderLitanyChristopher Thelen2000-12-08
Diane WegnerAny Girl I WantChristopher Thelen2000-12-08
Def LeppardHigh 'n' DryChristopher Thelen2000-12-09
BadfingerNo DiceChristopher Thelen2000-12-10
Uriah HeepFireflyChristopher Thelen2000-12-11
Mayesa DasaOcean Of DreamsChristopher Thelen2000-12-14
SoundtrackThe Emperor's New GrooveChristopher Thelen2000-12-15
CreedHuman ClayChristopher Thelen2000-12-16
Red Radio FlyerGettin' SomewhereChristopher Thelen2000-12-19
Andy WilliamsMerry ChristmasChristopher Thelen2000-12-24
SamsonShock TacticsChristopher Thelen2000-12-26
Geoff MuldaurPasswordChristopher Thelen2000-12-29
Paul ShortinoStand Or FallChristopher Thelen2001-01-02
The Alice ProjectTraveling With Lady BerlinChristopher Thelen2001-01-03
Canned Heat1967-1976: The Boogie House TapesChristopher Thelen2001-01-04
The Distance FormulaThe Distance FormulaChristopher Thelen2001-01-04
Luke HolderPlaying For An Audience Of CandlesDuke Egbert2001-01-04
AgathodaimonHigher Art Of RebellionChristopher Thelen2001-01-05
Didier Malherbe / Loy EhrlichHadoukDuke Egbert2001-01-06
Mitch RyderNaked But Not DeadChristopher Thelen2001-01-08
Blush 66DomecstasyChristopher Thelen2001-01-09
The Flower KingsSpace RevolverChristopher Thelen2001-01-09
PaxtonPaxtonChristopher Thelen2001-01-16
Yngwie J. MalmsteenMagnum OpusChristopher Thelen2001-01-17
Frank ZappaCheap ThrillsMatthew Turk2001-01-28
BentmenImmaculate ContraptionChristopher Thelen2001-02-01
Iron MaidenA Real Live Dead OneChristopher Thelen2001-02-08

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