Infinite Summer


ORG Music, 2019

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


An outfit spearheaded by the Brazilian born singer and songwriter Samira Winter, Winter the band was birthed in Boston and didn't waste much time making a dent in the indie pop scene. Now residing in Los Angeles, Winter and company have been quite prolific in their short existence. This five song EP continues their indie rock prowess in all sorts of charming and infectious ways that are nostalgic, sugary sweet, and highly unpredictable. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Everything” starts the album with a fun mix of acoustic strumming and bright percussion. The breathy vocals from Winter sit well with the adventurous instrumentation that's part indie folk, part modern pop. “Bonsai” then follows and is sung in Portuguese, as the breezy melodies unfold with precision, playfulness, and plenty of contagious hooks. Side A ends on “Always Teenager,” an initially sparse tune with a lullaby quality that builds into fuller, fuzzy rocker that will absolutely satiate the alt-rock crowd, too.

Side B offers us the charming yet quirky “Borboletas,” another Portuguese sung tune that's full of indie pop friskiness and impossible not to love regardless of what language you speak, and the twinkling, introspective “Disappear” ends the listen with a cat lover's chorus (repeated meowing) and stripped-back quality that fades out into a gentle, wispy exit.

Certainly very much indebted to '80s dream-pop as well as today's version of indie rock, Winter grew up on her dad's punk rock records before developing an affinity for shoegaze while in college. All those influences are evident on these five glorious tunes that are as vivid as the album's cover art. Her Brazilian heritage is, of course, certainly still very much a part of her songwriting formula, giving her a unique and compelling delivery – yet another draw to these flourishing sounds.

If you're like me and late to the party, don't waste anymore time; this is some of the best independent music being made today.

Rating: A

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