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REVIEW BY: Duke Egbert


The more I think about it, the more I think I should have never agreed to review this CD.

It’s a “can’t win scenario. If I say I like it, I’m going to be accused of being overly nostalgic. If I don’t like it, it’s piling on an easy target. (Mall concerts, anyone?)

Well, I’ve handled the slings and arrows of outraged fortune before, so let’s see what I can do with this.

Unbeknownst to me (and I suspect a lot of people) Tiffany has been recording more or less steadily since 2005 after a 17-year break. Her voice has matured; it’s deeper, with a bit more of a rasp, suitable for the type of straight-ahead rock music she’s performing on this CD. (She could also do killer R&B or torch music, I suspect.)my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The musicianship on “Shadows” is competent without being flashy or breathtaking. There are a few moments where she plays with an eighties sound—especially on the keyboards on the title track—but mostly it’s pretty timeless, straight-ahead rock and roll. There is, however, some content behind it; the title refers to the “light and dark” in all our lives, and especially in hers. She was a star, complete with controlling Svengali manager, and then she lost it. She grew up. She got hurt. And she successfully conveys that in her music.

In the end, though, it comes down to the songs. There are some very good ones—“I’ll Meet You Anywhere” is a rich, sweet ballad; “I Love You” is a great breakup song (if such a thing exists?); and I have some personal resonance with “Keep On Swinging.” She even dips into what is almost power-punk on “Lost Inside.” The gem is the album’s closer, “Bed Of Nails,” which conveys anger, bitterness, and resignation in equal parts, backed up with a stellar string arrangement.

There are, however, some misses as well. ”You’re My Everything” is perilously close to cliche, and the album’s opener “Hey Baby” is pretty generic. In truth, Tiffany is better when she goes downbeat then when she tries to be Joan Jett. (Again: Album of Torch Songs. Are you reading this, Ms. Darwish?)

Shadows, in the end, is good. Not great, but good—and quite an amazing jump from the young lady who toured malls. Recommended if the genre suits you.

Rating: B

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