Colder Now


Pirates Press Records, 2023

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Anytime there's a new record from the Calgary, Alberta punk rock giants Territories, you can find me camped out near my turntable, absorbing every moment of their powerful, articulate and charged formula that is even better, somehow, on this exceptional sophomore album.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The energetic and driving pace of “Pacific Ghost” opens and brings both grit and melody to the gang vocals and swirling guitars, and “Hello Outsider” follows with dense bass lines and crisp drumming that welcomes tuneful guitar solos.

Some of the best songs—not that there's a bad one in the bunch—reside in the middle on this album. The thumping and emotive “No Ball & Chain” finds itself buried in introspection, while “Powder Keg” is an anthemic and raw display of thick and shouted punk rock perfection that also flirts with classic rock moments. “10A Street” then finds itself benefiting from the hard-hitting rhythm section and group vocals that lends itself to late night reflection.

Close to the end, the gruff but harmonic sensibilities of “Do It Alone” immediately invites a sing-along, and “Recognize The Name” exits the listen with the most intimate selection, where a rare dreaminess surrounds the strong attention to mood.

The band consists of Kyle Hegel (vocals, guitar), Jimmy James (guitar), Eric Jablonski (drums) and Matt Young (bass), who all played in the long running and highly adored Canadian punk outfit Knucklehead. They take that experience with them into these timeless and memorable punk tunes that parallel the greatness achieved by the Bouncing Souls, Smoke Or Fire and the Descendents for 11 tunes of heartfelt and intelligent wordplay.

Available on either neon orange or neon violet vinyl, this is the stuff that record collectors drool over—a limited pressing of high-quality and always relevant songwriting.

Rating: A

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