Bring Back The Weekend

The Inciters

Pirates Press Records, 2024

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


The Santa Cruz 10-piece collective The Inciters have been at it since the mid ’90s, and these 11 energetic tracks do a great job of documenting the memorableness of their live shows thanks to the precise and spontaneous feel that had the band recording most of the album with minimal overdubs. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The title track begins the listen and makes an instant impression thanks to Matthew Valenzuela’s thumping drums and Michael Luke’s animated bass lines that are complemented by bright brass and soaring vocals. “If I Didn’t” then benefits much from Daniel Miltz’s excellent trombone prowess that suits the calm versus busy moments of thoughtful, timeless instrumentation.

The remainder of Side A consists of the rhythmic and stylish “Love Comes Around,” as well as the festive spirit of the lively “Boot And Soul,” where Don Roland’s lead guitar is executed flawlessly amid the group vocals. “Walking Away” then heads into rock’n’roll territory with its sturdy guitar solos, speedy rhythm section and smooth as silk singing.

The back half of the listen offers the melodic and bouncy album highlight, “Up In A Puff Of Smoke,” plus the brass heavy “We Gave It A Good Run,” where Kevin Zinn and Timothy Bailey’s saxophones won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Near to the end, “Waiting By The Phone” is a punchy and upbeat rocker that blends horns, guitars and expressive singing, and “Always. Sometimes. Never” exits with Rick Kendrick's trumpet on display for the intimate yet adventurous closer.

Vocals are handled by Sabina Bukovec Kendrick, Rizzie Vacketta and Aimee Gruber, who do an amazing job of bridging the r&b, blues, soul and even mod moments of this worldly and accomplished 6th studio album that goes along with The Slackers, Massive Attack or The Aggrolites.

Rating: B+

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