Fueled By Ignorance

Independent release, 2000


REVIEW BY: Christopher Thelen


It's been some time since we heard from Canadian industrial rockers Fueled By Ignorance, who last appeared here in February 1999 with their debut CD Tears. I went back and read the review I wrote for that CD, and compared notes to what I heard on the group's latest release Widow. (Memo to vocalist Simon Springer: Man, so sorry it's taking me this long to get to the disc. My bad.)my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

With a solidified lineup (bassist Jay Christopherson, who replaced the late Todd Wickstrom, is the only change in the band from Tears) and a more focused approach to the music, Fueled By Ignorance take the power and angst that bands such as Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails once embodied (before they realized it was cool to be miserable and then overproduced to the hilt) and knock out a pretty good effort.

I complained about this before, and I'm gonna complain about it again with Widow: this disc is too goddamned short! Especially when you take into effect that the listener really finds themselves getting into the groove that the band - Christopherson, Springer, guitarist Adrian Castley and drummer Shawn Gairdner - lay down, it feels like the rug is being yanked away far too soon.

The only other suggestion I'd make to the band (that is, before we get on to the praise) would be this: don't put all your faith in the E major chord. I like crunch, to be sure, but I also like variety, and it often seemed like I was staring down E chord after E chord in the songs. Just a suggestion.

All griping and nit-picking aside, Widow features some very good industrial-laden metal which should make fans of the genre wonder why some label hasn't picked up the phone and taken a chance on these guys yet. (From everything I've been reading, they've been getting some good breaks... just not the break yet.) Songs like "In The Dusk Of December," "Told You Twice" and the title track all suggest that this group has grown into their shoes well in the past two years, and could be primed to make a big noise for themselves.

Widow is proof that a band can go through some of the hardest times and still make a strong recorded effort. Maybe, if things go right for everyone, the next time we hear from Fueled By Ignorance they'll be sending me their major label debut... and it will be a full-length effort.

Rating: B

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