Blame It On Rock & Roll

Robin Brock

A2 Records, 1999

REVIEW BY: Christopher Thelen


Many famous musical acts have come from Canada - but it's been a while since I heard someone like Robin Brock, who was able to impress me from the first moment and not disappoint.

Her debut CD, Blame It On Rock & Roll, brings to mind images of Ann Wilson in her vocal style, though she nimbly shifts gears between rock stylings and pop sensibility without making it sound awkward. Hundreds of artists have struggled with this; some have learned how to do it, some still couldn't get it right with a schematic. Brock seems to do this on instinct, separating her from the rest of the pack.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

If you pick this disc up expecting a carbon copy of Heart, you'll be disappointed. However, Brock succeeds on her own terms - and I'd much rather see that than hear a copy of an established act. Tracks like "I Lied," "Just A Fantasy," "Lipstick And Lace" and "Drowning" all show off a talent which can only be described as being the next big thing.

But where would Brock fit in the best? After all, this is someone who can pull out the stops with the best of them, as heard on "Rockin On The Airwaves". But she also sounds comfortable doing songs in a less powerful vein, as heard on the pop-rocker "It's My Heart" or on the aforementioned "Drowning". The fact is, Brock walks both sides of the pop/rock line without weakening her position on either one of them - another skill that so many bands have failed to grasp over the years.

In the end, though, Blame It On Rock & Roll seems to be aimed at people in my age group - that is, those who remember the glory days of '70s rock but want to hear something with more range. Brock fits this bill, and fits it well. It's just an enjoyable disc from start to finish - and though it's one you'll probably have to do some searching for, you'll know after just one listen that it was worth the trouble.

Blame It On Rock & Roll is the kind of disc that should make the rock fans cheer with delight and the pop fans anticipate Brock's talents eagerly. She's just too good to remain a local favorite for long - and I'm hoping she gets a chance at the limelight soon.

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Rating: A-

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