Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild


Island Records, 2002

REVIEW BY: Sandra Gilraine


Here's one for all you metal-heads and/or skaters out there. Didn't think the two genres could mix? CKY crosses that line, and with class.

CKY, otherwise known as Camp Kill Yourself, has just released their third album, Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild. This is their most powerful yet, and has pushed them closer to the front lines of 21st century hard rock bands.

Many people would argue they've only received such hype due to the connections. Drummer Jess Margera is the older brother of MTV Jackass star and professional skateboarder Bam Margera. CKY tunes have been heard on my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Jackass since the beginning, and were the basic soundtrack for Bam Margera's early homemade movies (also by the same name - CKY). CKY have also just earned global recognition as the rock band that opened for Guns'n Roses' recently disastrous tour. Hand picked by Axl Rose himself, CKY have certainly had their struggle to stardom minimized.

Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild is a short album, but their first full length EP that doesn't double as a soundtrack. The band's first two albums were self-titled soundtracks for the movies of the same name. This, their third, is certainly a step above creating background filler music for skating videos. Tricky guitar riffs and power chords inspired by G.G. Allin himself, and intelligible lyrics that take you from the beginning right to the end without a hiccup. There's no jerky noises, no sudden beat shifts, no drastic vocal style switching. Even the unexpected synthesized bleeps and samples quickly become a valued part of each song. This may sound relatively uninteresting and maybe even boring, but it's actually quite refreshing to be able to retreat from some of the new bands of today with unintelligible vocals such as Slipknot or the Used and to sit back and enjoy pure raw talent such as CKY.

Out of ten tracks, I can't say there are any I really dislike. None could be misconstrued as a filler, and all ten are strong in their own ways. The final track, "Close Yet Far" really emphasizes this strength and proves that what is otherwise known as a metal band has the talent and capability to pull off an emotional track with a slower beat. This is definitely a song for the ladies.

Watch for CKY touring in your hometown. The Jackass blood in them has certainly added a flair to their stage performance. Apart from guitarist and producer Chad Ginsburg recently breaking his leg and a few ribs jumping over a fence to sign some autographs for fans after a gig, I've heard many stories of fights breaking out on stage, pranks pulled on one another and a general haphazard attitude to show that they're sticking to their motto of 'f*CKYou'!!

Rating: B+

User Rating: A-



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