Let Yourself Go

Judi Silvano

Zoho Music, 2004


REVIEW BY: Tammy Childs


Letting yourself go is not always that easy. It can leave you vulnerable and in the case of music, may open you up to ridicule. Not in Judi Silvano's case. She took the chance and it paid off. Her jazz album Let Yourself Go is a welcome flashback to the 1930s and '40s.

Raised in a naturally talented family, she was surrounded by various forms of music. She and her siblings studied singing and piano, along with additional instruments. She also expresses herself through dance: ballet, interpretive dance and modern dance. In addition, she loves to paint and works in water color and pastel mediums.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

This beautiful and multi-talented lady has chosen the stability of previous-hit tunes, albeit, not done to shield herself, but simply because it is the music she loves. She has the ability to deliver the songs with finesse and adds her own twist to each piece. She seeks the balance 'between the mysterious source of the artistic impulse and (her) own self expression.'

"I'm In The Mood for Love" is done with a bird-like quality -- clear, precise and well-arranged. Although not as powerful as the original, she does not flinch with her delivery. "Let's Fall in Love" highlights her vocal abilities to their full potential; she shines on this one. This Showboat piece was a great choice for her repertoire. She is willing to try new things and it frees her imagination.

"Our Love is Here to Stay" is an old George and Ira Gershwin tune perhaps chosen as a statement for her determination to maintain in the music business. She begins this song with a slow and dramatic pace, and finishes with an upbeat cha-cha-cha rhythm.

"When I Fall in Love" is one of my personal favorites (from the past) and I was pleased that it remained as such. Silvano's brother Dan is exemplary on the trombone. Judy croons this one and achingly performs with her whole being. She has always been moved by music and her love of the art is evident in her performance.

Voted #6 on the top 10 best jazz CD's of the year by Face Magazine, Let Uourself Go finds Judi Silvano exploring a different side to the age-old favorites while honoring their love-song tradition. She loses herself in the compositions and allows each song to come to life through her. For those who relish the old songs, you will enjoy reminiscing with this CD -- it calls to mind forgotten moments in time.

Rating: B+

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