Independent release, 2005


REVIEW BY: Paul Hanson


Find those cobwebs, fake blood and costumes because Halloween ain't over until you get a little Vladimirs under your skin. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, this quartet of blood suckers clock in with 65 minutes of spine-tingling vampire imagery.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

From the first couple of measures of this disc, Glenn Danzig's voice comes to mind. If you like the way he holds his words, Marquis Thomas is up your alley with his "vokills." The rest of the band relies on the manic guitar punk sound from Brian Day and the pounding of "coffin-beater" Ash Thomas. Sorry, bassist Doug Nevels, I can't hear you.

What I can hear is tight musicianship. I'd point to the fourth track "Can't Come Around Here No More" as the strongest track. I especially like the "before this song goes down, I'd better leave this town." Thomas repeats it a couple of times, setting it up as the last lines of the song. I can imagine them slowing the song down before singing those lyrics and jumping back into another verse or another guitar solo.

The titles of the songs such as opener "Sheila Is A Vampire," "Bloodsuckers," and "Transylvania Dream" lend themselves to the vampire theme. If you're not into that dark imagery, this is not your disc.

But if you're into solid high-energy punk with a definite Danzig/Misfits influence, this is your cup of java.

After a long pause, there are a lot of sound clips thrown together. The pause after track 15 and the hidden track is long so use your fast forward button.

Contact the band at:

The Vladimirs

1553 Adams Rd

Cincinnati, OH 45231

Rating: B+

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