Dante Vs Zombies

Neurotic Yell Records, 2012


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


A supergroup ensemble with members from The Detroit Cobras, The Starlite Desperation, Lost Kids, The Starvations, Swahili Blonde, We Break Cameras, Brass Tax, Raw Geronimo. and Jail Weddings (phew!), Los Angeles based Dante Vs Zombies debut is a wild mix of reckless glam rock and charged garage rock with a seemingly endless amount of personas attached. An outfit with a grab bag of identities and influences, this is outlaw music for the mid twenties hipsters and ideal for anyone who likes some eyebrow raising subject matter in their rowdy rock ‘n’ roll. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Though Dante White is the main vocalist, all six members sing at some point, and with violins and keyboards in their arsenal, there is a lot going on here at all times. Their sound is not easy to classify. Every track sounds a bit different in scope, almost taking on a schizophrenic approach musically. Sometimes with a manic rockabilly slant, other times sounding like a more accessible version of The Cramps, Dante Vs Zombies show they can write a perfect pop song as well with “Watermelon Iodine,” a driving, charged guitar track that could easily be a hit single if a car commercial picked it up. Their darker moments bring late period Misfits meets more recent Yaysayer, though plenty of surf-rock nods are included, in an almost morbid Beach Boys fashion. The album opener “Ta-Da” lays the groundwork for the entire disc with unusual wordplay paired up with an instantly memorable chorus.

With song titles like “Horror Stories For Whores” and “My Poor Old Parrot” it’s pretty clear the band isn’t taking themselves too seriously, and the subject matter often comes off as inside jokes or just plain nonsense, though the delivery is so wild and unique, it only seems fitting. For those with an ear for all things unconventional, put Buh on at your next house party and you’re bound to get some turned heads and devilish smiles.

Rating: B+

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