Action Painting

The Creation

Numero Label, 2017

REVIEW BY: David Bowling


All right, boys and girls, it time to climb into the way back machine for a journey in time to the mid-1960s English psychedelic music world.

For every English band that made it, there were hundreds who quickly disappeared and dozens more who shined brightly for a brief moment or two and then were gone. Bands such as The Action, The Attack, The Sorrows, and Tomorrow fueled elements of the American psychedelic movement and British rock, released a few tunes, but ultimately could not evolve with the changing music scene.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The Creation was one of the leading proponents of this British psych/rock movement. They existed from 1964 to 1968. They had one Top 40 hit in their home country, and every once in awhile, one of their songs appears on a compilation album of the era. Many people remember them for their last lead guitarist, Ronnie Wood, who went on to fame and fortune with the Rolling Stones.

The Creation is one of those bands that represents a period in time. They had a raw energy that encapsulated the psychedelic era. Their entire recorded catalogue, plus four tracks from the pre-Creation Mark Four Band, has now been released as a two CD compilation titled Action Painting. The sound has been remastered and there is an 80-page booklet devoted to the band.

They had elements of the Who in their approach but without the power of their straight rock ‘n’ roll. “Painter Man” was their only hit, but it represents their style and sometimes odd approach as they use a violin bow to play the guitar. The new stereo mix adds depth to the song. They covered such tunes of the day as “Cool Jerk,” “Hey Joe,” and “Like A Rolling Stone,” which are all journeys through the lives of struggling bands.

Action Paining is a must listen for anyone interested in the history of the psychedelic era. The Creation represents a short but important stop in the evolution of British rock and roll.

Rating: B

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