2017: Pete's Top 10

by Pete Crigler

Twenty seventeen was a lot better than 2016 in more ways than one. True, we lost Tom Petty, Chuck Mosley, and Chris Cornell, but personally, things finally began looking up. Along the way, there were some great soundtracks to back up everything that was going on. Let’s take a look back, shall we?


10. The Full Counts – First Out

Started by former members of ‘90s alt rockers Gumball, The Full Counts put out a record that record was quite different from what I’ve been listening to. But I felt drawn to it and have kept going back throughout the year. Featuring a little bit of alt rock, folk, and plain ol’ attitude, it is one of the more unique records of the year.

Highlights: “(No You) Don’t Let Me Down,” “I Got The Time”


9. Soundgarden – Ultramega OK [Reissue]

This release was one of the last things Cornell treated us to before his tragic and unexpected suicide. This record had needed some work for quite awhile, and the band really got behind how epic this record is. Soundgarden at their punkiest and most raw.

Highlights: “Flower,” “Head Injury,” “All Your Lies”


8. Dead Cross – Dead Cross

Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo playing hardcore together? Yes, Virginia it happened and Jesus, it is heavy as hell. Patton’s vocals haven’t been this histrionic and insane since the ‘90s. The music is driving and furious, and Patton just adds the cherry on top and proceeds to destroy most other hardcore punk that’s out right now.

Highlights: “Seizure And Desist,” “Obedience School”


7. The Bob’s Burgers Music Album

Clearly the best cartoon on television right now, besides “South Park” and “Rick And Morty.” A collection of every song that’s been performed by everyone from Gene, Tina, Linda, Teddy, Jimmy Junior, and everyone else. What else needs to be said?

Highlights: Everything


6. Hellmouth – Oblivion

Jesus Christ! Jason Navarro of the Suicide Machines returns with one of the heaviest punk rock records I think I’ve ever heard. This is real punk: no keyboards, poppy choruses, or any of that shit. If you’re looking for something to break the monotony of Fall Out Boy and Paramore, then this is the record for you.

Highlight: “Dead In The Dirt”


5. Foo Fighters – Concrete And Gold

After the mind-boggling nothingness of Sonic Highways, Grohl and Co. return with a strong set of original hard rock. It’s bands like this that allow people like me to believe that rock isn’t really dead, it’s just being buried under a ton of computers and unnecessary effects.

Highlights: “Run,” “The Sky Is A Neighborhood,” “La Dee Da”


4. Dream Syndicate – How Did I Find Myself Here?

On their first album in almost thirty years, one of the most influential, underrated ‘80s alt rock bands returns with one of the strongest collections of songs this year. Recorded in my hometown of Richmond, VA, this disc shows that the band has not changed hardly one iota of their sound. It allows listeners new and old to discover a band that should’ve blown up huge in the ‘80s.

Highlights: “80 West,” “The Circle”


3. Ride – Weather Diaries

Another great reunion record, coming 21 years after their last. Some longtime fans weren’t too thrilled with this record, but as a newcomer, it was something that was quite outstanding and different: shoegaze, alternative, and plain rock blended together into quite a tasty stew.

Highlights: “Lannoy Point,” “Lateral Alice,” “White Sands”


2. Toadies – The Lower Side Of Uptown

After a lackluster last record, the longtime alt rock stalwarts returned with another strong set of tracks that show they haven’t slowed down at all. The songwriting is even a bit stronger this time around and everything blended together creates a record from a band that still create originals and doesn’t rely on their sturdy catalog.

Highlights: “Human Cannonball,” “Mama Take Me Home,”  “Polly Jean”


1. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Singles [Deluxe Version]

Without a doubt, this is the greatest soundtrack ever released! Released before Cornell’s suicide, this deluxe disc is crammed full of plenty of unreleased solo tracks that truly show off how amazingly talented he was. Almost every great band of primal Seattle grunge is here and the whole package is so lovingly put together. It is definitely the best reissue of the year.

Highlights: “State Of Love And Trust,” “Seasons,” “Would?,” “Breath,” “Battle Of Evermore,” “Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns,” “Nowhere But You”

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