Tom Haugen's Reviews

ArtistAlbumReview Date
Vienna DittoCircle2015-12-18
Kimie MinerKimie Miner2015-12-31
Ten Ton ManPermission2016-01-15
Los Crema Paraiso De Pelicula2016-01-27
A Fragile TomorrowMake Me Over2016-02-27
The Lonesome BilliesIt's Good To Be Lonesome2016-03-04
Laurie BerknerLaurie Berkner's Favorite Classic Kids' Songs2016-03-22
Original ScoreRobocop (Nicolas Winding Refn Presents)2016-03-31
Karsh KaleUp2016-04-06
Jesse MalinOutsiders2016-04-21
FilligarKeepsakes Of The Interior2016-05-04
Gracie TerzianSaints And Poets2016-05-05
Samson Y HissCircus Screams2016-05-13
Rolie Polie GuacamoleChips & Salsa2016-05-27
Sara SymsWay Back Home2016-06-07
AdakainNever Coming Home2016-06-17
Adley StumpLike This (Deluxe)2016-06-25
Akae BekaPortals2016-07-22
Al ScorchCircle Round The Signs2016-07-28
AlohaLittle Windows Cut Right Through2016-08-08
New Madridmagnetkingmagnetqueen2016-08-13
Albert Hammond Jr.Momentary Masters2016-08-23
ZonaPeace, Love & Understanding 2016-08-26
Daniel RomanoMosey2016-09-06
Heat Of DamageOpen Fire2016-09-09
Hotel For StrangersHotel For Strangers 2016-09-16
Golden BloomSearching For Sunlight2016-09-21
Various ArtistsAbrazo: The Havana Sessions2016-09-28

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Tom Haugen's Articles

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