Duke Egbert's Reviews

ArtistAlbumReview Date
Collapse Under The EmpireRecurring2023-11-28
Ray Condo & His RicochetsHigh & Wild2000-10-20
The CorrsTalk On Corners1999-06-19
John CowanAlways Take Me Back2002-04-23
Cowboy JunkiesOpen2001-07-03
T. Thorn CoyleGive Us A Kiss!2003-02-14
Jim CroceI Got A Name2022-06-14
Rodney CrowellThe Houston Kid2001-02-26
Rodney CrowellFate's Right Hand2003-10-10
Culann's HoundsYear Of The Dog2006-12-29
Shannon CurfmanLoud Guitars, Big Suspicions2000-04-11
Jennifer CuttingOcean: Songs For The Night Journey2004-12-09
Heather DaleThe Trial Of Lancelot2002-08-01
Heather DaleThe Gabriel Hounds2023-08-09
Heather DaleThis Endris Night2003-12-24
Heather DaleMay Queen2003-07-19
Heather DaleThe Road To Santiago2005-10-05
Debbie DaviesLove The Game2001-05-03
Margaret DavisPrincess Of Flowers1999-07-26
Jimmy DeanJimmy Dean's Christmas Card2023-12-23
The DerailersUnder The Influence Of Buck2007-12-26
DionHeroes -- Giants Of Early Guitar Rock2009-03-21
Dirty Dozen Brass BandWhat's Going On2006-10-02
Doctor LincolnWill See You Now2023-12-07
Thomas DolbyRetrospectacle: The Best Of Thomas Dolby2010-10-09
The DreadnoughtsPolka's Not Dead2021-05-24
John DuffeyAlways In Style: A Collection2001-03-05
The DuhksThe Duhks2006-10-12
El JefeEl Jefe's Amorphous Phormula2004-07-16
Mike EldredLet It Begin...2006-12-30

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Duke Egbert's Articles

TitleTypeArticle Date
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Natterings: The Best Damn Country Song EverFeature2021-08-19
Natterings: Why Critics Suck And Are Mostly Wrong, Part IFeature2021-10-05
Natterings: My Personal Favorite Storytelling SongsFeature2022-06-07
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