Pete Crigler's Reviews

ArtistAlbumReview Date
Emmet SwimmingArlington To Boston2016-02-21
FailureThe Heart Is A Monster2015-07-12
Faith No MoreWe Care A Lot [Deluxe Band Edition]2016-09-04
Faith No MoreSol Invictus2015-05-26
Faith No MoreWho Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits2014-09-24
Faith No MoreWe Care A Lot2014-07-17
Fake NamesFake Names2020-06-03
Perry FarrellKind Heaven2019-07-01
FIDLARAlmost Free2019-02-16
Filthy FriendsInvitation2017-09-28
Finger ElevenFive Crooked Lines2015-07-22
Aaron FinkGalaxies2017-02-07
FishboneThe Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx2015-01-24
FishboneThe Reality of My Surroundings2014-12-27
FishboneGive A Monkey A Brain And He’ll Swear He’s The Center Of The Universe2015-01-03
FishboneIn Your Face2014-12-13
FishboneChim Chim’s Badass Revenge2015-01-17
FishboneTruth And Soul2014-12-20
FishboneFishbone (EP - 2023)2023-09-07
FishboneFishbone (EP)2014-12-06
FishboneStill Stuck In Your Throat2015-02-21
FlawUnited We Stand (EP)2017-09-16
Foo FightersConcrete And Gold2017-10-02
Foo FightersSonic Highways (DVD)2015-04-28
For SquirrelsExample2014-07-02
Bob ForrestSurvival Songs2015-10-07
Peter FramptonPeter Frampton2015-08-25
Franz FerdinandAlways Ascending2018-02-19

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Pete Crigler's Articles

TitleTypeArticle Date
2014: Pete's Top TenBest of2014-12-15
Jobraith A.D.: Stellar Rock Doc On '70s Would-Be StarFeature2015-03-16
Sailing The Seas Of CheeseFeature2015-10-08
Heaven Adores YouFeature2015-12-08
Hallowed GroundFeature2015-12-14
2015: Pete's Top 10Best of2015-12-18
Even WorseFeature2016-02-08
Party Way Out Of BoundsFeature2016-03-03
All Things Must Pass: Colin Hanks Documents The Rise And Fall Of Tower RecordsFeature2016-08-29
There Really Is Nothing Left To LoseFeature2016-09-12
Hey, Wait! I've Got A New ComplaintFeature2016-09-26
Scarred But Smarter: Life N' Times Of Drivin' N' Cryin'Feature2016-10-16
If I Would, Could You?Feature2016-10-23
Louder Than F**kFeature2016-11-07
Morphine Documentary Journey Of Dreams Offers More, Not BetterFeature2016-11-21
2016: Pete's Top TenBest of2016-12-16
20 Albums That Influenced Me: Pete CriglerFeature2017-01-13
Say Hello To HeavenEssay2017-08-25
L7: Pretend We're DeadFeature2017-10-31
Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson StoryFeature2017-11-29
Finding Joseph I: An Oral History Of H.R. From Bad BrainsFeature2017-12-04
2017: Pete's Top 10Best of2017-12-13
On VinylEssay2018-04-30
The Slits: Here To Be HeardFeature2018-08-09
Mellow Is King: Band Of Horses LiveFeature2018-08-24
The US Generation: Making The US FestivalFeature2018-10-10
2018: Pete's Best OfBest of2018-12-15
Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay PunkFeature2019-01-22
Small Victories: The True Story Of Faith No MoreFeature2019-01-22
Nick Cave: One More Time With FeelingFeature2019-02-22
Will Everything Really Be Alright In The End?Feature2019-05-19
Stiv: No Regrets, No CompromiseFeature2019-07-02
Anti-Nowhere League: We Are the LeagueFeature2019-09-09
Clarence Clemons: Who Do I Think I Am?Feature2019-10-24
2019: Pete's Best & Worst Albums & SongsBest of2019-12-16
Brainiac: Transmissions After ZeroFeature2020-03-25
That Thing He DidFeature2020-04-03
Pete Crigler's 101 Favorite SongsFeature2020-04-21
A Simple Celebration: Beastie Boys StoryFeature2020-05-11
All I Can SayFeature2020-11-20
Harry Chapin: When In Doubt, Do SomethingFeature2021-01-05